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Protect your hearing with custom noise protection plugs, musician’s ear plugs and custom swim plugs.

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It is important to protect your hearing

Custom ear plugs are made specifically for your ears to provide the best fit and most effective noise reduction or water protection. They are made by taking an impression of your ear, that is scanned to create the template for your customised plugs.
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Noise Protection Plugs

Customised noise protection plugs to protect you against exposure to loud noise.

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Musician Ear Plugs

Whether you are a professional musician, or just enjoy listening to music. Musician ear plugs are designed to both protect your ears from permanent damage and to maintain the clarity of the music you enjoy. They are customised to fit your ear correctly and protect your hearing regardless of your listening environment. Ordinary ear plugs can distort music by reducing some frequencies more than others.

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Custom Swim Plugs

If you need to keep water out of your ears while swimming or showering, customised water protection ear plugs can reduce your risk of infection or damage. We can also offer swim protection bands for children with grommets.

Hearing loss and tinnitus can develop from frequent exposure to loud noise (>85dB). Whether it be in the work-place or recreationally, the hair cells in our cochlea (inner ear) can be permanently damaged. The louder the noise, the less time required to cause permanent injury.

Protect your hearing with custom ear plugs.

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