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Hearelief Hearing and Tinnitus Management is a locally owned and independent audiology practice providing expert hearing advice and hearing aids at discount prices that could save you thousands.

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Hearelief strives to make your hearing the best it can be, so that you can fully engage with life.

Hearing is essential to living a rich and engaging life. It enables us to communicate, learn, work, and socialise with loved ones and the world around us.

Hearelief provides comprehensive audiological services for hearing loss, tinnitus and sound intolerances to people of all ages. We work to understand the needs of each client and provide independent services and advice that are tailored to your needs, at an affordable level.

Fitting hearing aids

Hearelief is a full-service, independent and caring audiology practice. We support and empower our clients, through a holistic approach to hearing health. All of our services are evidence based, ethical, and based upon the needs of each individual, in accordance with recommended best practice. When a multidisciplinary approach is required, we collaborate with other health professionals as necessary.

Hearelief is owned and operated by Susan Tegg-Quinn, a highly-experienced, fully-qualified audiologist and registered nurse. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne School of Audiology, a member of Audiology Australia and Independent Audiologists Australia.

Susan Tegg-Quinn

Susan holds a clinical practicing certificate and regularly undertakes ongoing research in auditory rehabilitation and tinnitus to ensure that all of Hearelief’s services are of the highest quality. She has undertaken extensive training in tinnitus and sound intolerance assessment and management both in Australia and overseas, including the European Tinnitus Management Course and courses in cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Susan is actively engaged in research to improve the assessment and management of tinnitus and is currently undertaking a PhD through the University of Western Australia and Ear Science Australia.

Hearing tests for children

We strive to make improved hearing more accessible by offering hearing aids at discounted prices, along with exceptional service, potentially saving our clients thousands.

“Susan was so patient and gentle with my son, I feel this is how she got all the results we needed in just one appointment.”

Individual services designed, delivered and monitored by a fully-qualified audiologist.

Hearelief offers a wide range of affordable and accessible hearing services for the whole family. All of our services are tailored to each individual, taking into account your specific lifestyle and communication needs. We take the time to ensure that you understand your options and provide ongoing support to ensure a positive outcome.
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Hearing Tests

Hearelief provides comprehensive hearing assessments for people of all ages and stages of life, from babies, through to children, adults and the elderly. We can also carry out WorkCover, assessments and industry hearing tests.

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Hearing Loss

There are many different conditions that can lead to difficulty hearing and hearing loss, from  medical reasons to something as simple as wax blocking the ear canal. Addressing hearing loss sooner rather than later can lead to improvements in your quality of life.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are important for restoring hearing loss, making speech clearer and conversation easier to follow, as well as for the management of tinnitus. Hearing aids vary in style and technical sophistication. Hearing aids need to be chosen so that they suit your type and degree of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle and communication needs.

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Tinnitus refers to the perception of sound when there is not external sound present. It is usually perceived in our ears or head as a buzzing, ringing, cicada or humming sound. Hearelief offers extensive assessment, counselling, information and individually tailored tinnitus management programs, for both adults and children.

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Ear Plugs

Hearing loss and tinnitus can develop from frequent exposure to loud noise. Custom ear plugs are made specifically for your ears to provide the best fit and most effective noise reduction or water protection.

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Wax Removal

At Hearelief we gently remove wax from your ears using lighted currettes. These allow us to gently remove the wax from your ears without the noise associated with microsuction or the risk associated with syringing.

Contact Hearelief to book any of our services.

Online and teleheath services to support you and your hearing health.

Hearelief if pleased to provide a series of online and telehealth services to improve your access to individually tailored and monitored hearing care.
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Online Hearing Screenings

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Remote Assisted Hearing Aid Fittings and Adjustments

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Tinnitus and Sound Intolerance Consultations

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Personalised Online Tinnitus Management Program

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more or to speak with us about any of our online services.

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Rebates and financial assistance

Many of our services are eligible for a rebate or financial assistance. Please call us on 03 9889 9629 to discuss any rebates or assistance before your your first appointment.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates may be available with a signed referral from your doctor, through a chronic disease management plan, or with a referral from either an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, Neurologist or Paediatrician.

Hearing Services Program

Many Australian pensioners and veterans are eligible for fully-subsidised hearing services including, hearing tests, advice, support, and hearing aid fittings. To check if you are eligible, visit

Your GP will need to sign, and send us, a Hearing Services Program Medical Certificate, before your assessment appointment.

Private Health Insurance

Many private health insurance funds provide rebates for audiological testing and/or hearing aids. We advise you to contact your private health insurer to check your cover.

Contact Hearelief to find out about any rebates or financial assistance you may be eligible for.

“After the kind and professional way Susan helped my son I will definitely be bringing Dad in for testing and hearing aids.”

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